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HUEX Helps Businesses Harness the Power of Voice AI Technology

Built by franchisees, they’ve reimagined the drive thru experience



HUEX is a thriving tech company that combines the expertise of franchisees, AI PhDs, and former AI technologists from Fortune 500 companies. The company has developed a patent-pending technology called AIDA, which improves the drive-thru experience for customers while streamlining restaurant operations.

The Challenge

  1. Building Trust and Credibility: A weak online presence can make it challenging for businesses to establish trust and credibility with potential clients and investors.

  2. Targeting Specific Audiences: Without a strong online presence and the ability to promote products, startups may struggle to reach and target specific audiences, resulting in missed opportunities for sales and growth.

  3. Competition with Larger Companies: With more resources at their disposal, larger companies are better equipped to invest in building and maintaining a strong online presence, making it harder for startups to compete in the same digital space.

The Solution

The Haiku Steps team accepted the challenge to revamp the HUEX website. All stakeholders believed this would enhance trust, credibility, and the company’s capacity to connect with potential clients and investors across different markets.

The Results

After utilizing Haiku Steps’ comprehensive web design and development services, HUEX is projected to raise a significant amount of capital through various fundraising rounds.

Website aside, the company’s team is growing, and they have successfully implemented their technology in several Quick Service Restaurant chains.

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