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Supercharge your online marketing and get instant results with our PPC advertising platform. We do the heavy lifting. All you have to do is sit back and watch your sales liftoff.

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PPC ads are a serious investment. If you've successfully completed a SEO campaign, or if your business can handle more than double the clients in two months, get in touch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes us unique is that we use the same marketing campaigns for businesses we own.

Jaye uses the same marketing strategies for his basketball programs (he runs 9 in 4 cities), and Yvonne uses the same strategies in her family’s restaurant, where they have 2 locations.

Our team knows what it’s like to worry about having enough customers to cover monthly expenses, and we know what it takes to grow sales.

Yes, this is a fantastic digital marketing tool. It might sound a little foreign right now, but it works.


This will absolutely work for you if you’re:


(1) Just starting out and are looking for ways to attract your core base of customers, or


(2) Looking to grow extremely quick.

Nothing happens if you wait. We don’t use high pressure sales tactics, and we don’t sell to businesses who are not interested.


Simply ask yourself:


(1) Where would my business be today if I started using digital billboards 6 months ago?


(2) Where will my business be in 6 months if I don’t start now?

We totally understand, and we want you to look like a hero. We want you to be the person who changes the trajectory of your business.


Get in touch, we’ll record a personalized demo, and if you trust us, and if you trust our product, simply share the link with your team.

We cannot guarantee results. However, we can say that our clients who use our full marketing package are not disappointed.

We can confidently say your competitors are generating plenty of sales from their online marketing strategy. Trust us, and we’ll get you back into the game.

Your website does not need to be professionally designed. All you need is a clean website that’s easy for customers to contact you!


We are also proud to provide solutions that will increase sales without spending a large amount on a website!

Of course. We understand this may be a totally new world for you and a lot to process. To set you up for success, we’ve created introductory packages that will provide results that you’ll be more than happy with.

We’re confident you’ll be pleased with our full-service products, therefore a long term contract is unnecessary. However, for our introductory packages, we do require a contract as results will be much slower.

Definitely. Our products can be scaled 10x. All we need to do is determine who you want to target and how aggressive you would like the campaign to be.

Rest assured, we do not work with your competitors because this will dilute your results. We take pride in increasing your sales phenomenally, which we cannot do if we provide your neighbors’ the same service.

We teach you how to read reports, but the key performance indicator is a busy business!

Our Team

Jaye Cabreros

Yvonne Thai
Management Consultant

Christine Ung
Senior Product Consultant

Jaye Cabreros

Yvonne Thai
Management Consultant

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